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Belgium: secrets of a long life...

I was born in Siklós in 1975, and lived in Harkány (Baranya county) for nine years. Then we moved to Budapest. I studied at Teleki Blanka high school. I also studied for a year in the USA at Lebanon High School. Here are some links from the area: Valley Net the Internet provider of the school and Dartmouth College , where I starded to work with UNIX.
I studied at the Szent Istvan University. I was a student of the Institute of Enviromental and Landscape Management and was a PhD student at the Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry.
In the year 2000 I spent most of my time in Belgium and some in the Netherlands to study Dutch.

I'm the root or "backup root" of some Linux and FreeBSD boxes, and sometimes also make introductory Linux courses... In my freetime I try to get known with as many UNIX flavours as I can. I have played with SCO for a while (but not any more...), and also tested Sun Solaris and OpenSolaris on my PC.
I wrote about my favourite Linux distribution (SuSE) for CHIP and Infopen, and post SuSE and Linux Gazette related news to I also participate in the openSUSE Linux betatesting process and did some Roxen alpha testing.

I was also interested in GIS. I have studied Mapinfo for a while and also got known with Arc/View . And don't forget about Grass which is a free software.
For the Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry I work a lot using Surfer. If there is no existing software to solve a problem, I write a program in Delphi or Lazarus to solve it.

I'm a big fan of alternative computer architectures, so I have openSUSE, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Moblin, etc. running on many different development systems: Pegasos (MPC7447), EFIKA (MPC5200), MPC5121 devel boards, MPC8610 devel system, Sheeva plug, and EFIKA MX devel system (iMX515).


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